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Since ancient times Navagraha Puja has been a Vedic ritual for bestowing health, wealth, education, domestic peace and prosperity. Worshipping the nine planets viz., Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu is a form of collective worship of the nine planets as per Vedic tenets. These nine planets have lot to bear on what one achieves or fails to achieve and the fruits arising thereof from karmic activities.

Though this sounds like a metaphysical argument, there is also the scientific reason with about planets influencing us with their gravity and electromagnetism which can impact over long distances.

Every human life is therefore influenced and certain good or bad happenings result and affect various aspects of life such as love, marriage, career, finance, health. When planets work negatively in the horoscope they combine to form good & bad yogas.

All that is required is puja be done with devotion and sincerity of purpose adhering to rituals as specified. This brings peace and success in life. Navagraha Puja has to be done on a special day (muhurat) taking the horoscope of the native into account. In Navagraha homam mantras are chanted for all the nine planets for Graha Shanti (propitiation of planets) thereby bringing happiness, prosperity, winning over enemies, wealth and many more such benefits.

Smarth Purohit

We have a team of 50 priests who perform yajna for the betterment of individuals, business and for overall well-being of the country.

Astro Vaastu Remedies

For happiness of individuals, the society has to be in peace with itself. Our remedies are based on Astrology and Vaastu and applies to various sections of the society. We have been doing it as part of our responsibility to society and feel proud of it.

AYUSH – Be all of Happiness

Ayush Homam performed for longevity is a puja meant not only to give longer life but health and happiness as well. Read more..

Departed souls – Past & Present

Shraddha (faith) rituals are ancient rituals. A homam is performed to invoke blessings of Pitrs (ancestors) and devas as per Sanatan dharma. Read more..

Lakshmi Kubera Puja - for Wealth & Health

Financial distress is not unique to individuals alone. It can befall a big corporate leading to liquidation ending company’s operations.Read more..

Litigation & Closed Factories

Projects as bad luck would have it often get stuck in legal wrangles, especially the government projects that results in payments getting blocked. Read more..

Navagraha – The Cosmic Influencer

Too often disturbances in business and family life leaving behind shattered hopes. Best remedy is Navagraha Homam. Read more..

Projects & Vaastu Shanti Homam

Vaastu Shanti homam is important once projects are completed and the possession is had. It is worship of the “deity of directions” Read more..


Many talented sportspersons continue to struggle without making a mark. Same in other fields like politics or artistic creativity to suffer. Read more..

Vaastu Homam

Vaastu Homam is performed before any asset purchase that includes new homes, offices or any type of properties.Read more..

Vedic Rituals & Vedic Remedies

All Vedic rituals form part of Sanatana Dharma. These rituals are the “eternal” set of duties and religiously ordained practices Read more..

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